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Barbarian Director Reveals Terrifying Video Used To Pitch Horror Movie


Barbarian Director Zach Cregger has shared the eerie mood reel he created to pitch his film on Twitter, including the voiceover talents of his wife.

Zach Cregger, director of the new horror flick Barbarian, has shared his two-minute ‘Rip Reel,’ which he used to try and sell the movie’s original concept. This 20th Century Studios film was released in the US over the weekend, bringing in 10 million dollars over its first few days. Rated R for strong violence, nudity, gore, disturbing material, and bad language, Barbarian was well received, even with the box office having its 2nd quietest weekend of this year.


Starring Georgina Campbell and Bill Skarsgård, the movie also sees Justin Long’s highly anticipated return to horror, playing the morally questionable and problematic AJ. Barbarian premiered at San Diego Comic-Con; it was then screened exclusively in LA ahead of its general release and at London’s Fright Fest with a special Q&A after all events. The film sees a young woman in town for a job interview arrive at her Airbnb to discover a man has already checked in before her. This double booking leads the pair to stay overnight together, but they soon learn that there’s more to fear in this house than a stranger as a fellow house guest.

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On Twitter, Zach Cregger shared the reel that was initially used to pitch this project to prospective investors. When putting this clip together, the director used his wife as the voiceover and took samples of previous films by other people and YouTube clips. In response to questions in the comments section, Cregger also confirmed that he would love to explore the behind-the-scenes look further by providing a commentary to go with the film for home release, even suggesting that he could record an unofficial one for YouTube if the studio doesn’t professionally ask him.

The ‘rip/mood reel’ begins with panning shots of derelict homes, accompanied by an eerie soundtrack and a voicemail from a woman explaining to an assumed ex that she wants them to know her location just in case she finds herself in danger. The music intensifies as day cuts abruptly to night, and streetlights light a singular house. Jumping to what is assumed to be inside this building, a woman’s silhouette is seen, as the voicemail explains that the house isn’t what she thought it would be. Followed by a slow walk downstairs and through creepy corridors, the reel ends with creature jump scares and a smiling man.

For those who have not seen Barbarian yet, it may be best to go into this film as blind as possible. Although clips such as this and interviews with the stars and creators can help spread anticipation, it’s often found that these snippets can take away from the overall effect of horror when it comes to shocking or terrifying those watching. Having an idea about the mood of a movie is not essentially a spoiler. Still, for projects receiving as much attention as Barbarian, the enjoyment often comes from entering a cinema without knowing what to expect. In retrospect, it would also seem that no one can predict the plot of this chaotic experience.

Source: Twitter

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