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Disney Dreamlight Valley Timed Items Disappearing Too Fast


Are you unable to claim chests because timed items are disappearing too soon, way before the dramatic music ends? Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in early access for quite some time now. The game has quickly proven to be a success, as fans around the globe are enjoying their adventures with iconic Disney and Pixar characters. However, Dreamlight Valley is also riddled with bugs and glitches. If you can not collect Disney Dreamlight Valley timed items to get a chest because they disappear too soon and are scattered too far away, we might have a few possible solutions for you.

Timed Items Disappearing Too Soon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’ve been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for a while now, you have probably encountered these random mini-events. You are picking up or mining something. And suddenly, the items would scatter around the area randomly. And then, dramatic, fast-paced music kicks off. A sign that you need to collect these items as fast as possible. And if you get them all before the intense music stops, a chest will pop up, and you get to get it open and collect extra rewards.

However, for many players, this seems almost impossible to pull off. The timed items would simply disappear too soon. Before the music ends and before you are able to get them all. Is this a bug or something else? Well, it definitely is something developers will need to check, as it currently seems bugged. Namely, it appears that only when you need to collect coins as timed items, they will stay until the music ends. For all other timed items, they disappear even before the music ends. This makes it almost impossible to collect timed items in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Nonetheless, even if this probably is a bug, we do have a few possible fixes for you:

  • Sometimes the chest will not appear on the spot when you successfully finish the timed mini-event. Look around to find it.
  • The items may jump off farther away. Make sure to eat proper meals to run faster.
  • If you were changing positions of furniture around the village, the game might not know that and an item can be stuck where there was no furniture originally.
  • If an item falls in such a way that you can not see it, make sure to check your surrounding properly.

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