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Fall Guys Season 2 3,2,1, Space Challenge Not Counting Progress


The wait is finally over! Fall Guys Season 2 has arrived! However, is your weekly challenge “Run for a total of 2000 seconds” bugged and not counting progress? The “Search” challenge in the “3,2,1, Space!” challenge list is not tracking playthroughs of Cosmic Highway? Here’s what we know about it and other bugs, such as Explore challenge not working.

Fall Guys Season 2 3,2,1, Space Challenge Not Working

Fall Guys Season 2 3,2,1, Space! Event Challenges Not Working and Counting Progress

After a lot of waiting, the second season of Fall Guys has finally arrived. And it has come with an abundance of new content. This includes a host of new cosmetics, unlockables, challenges, obstacles, rounds, and much more. Unfortunately, as is often the case with every new season, there are some bugs and glitches. This time around, in Fall Guys Season 2 bugs are mostly related to various challenges that simply don’t work. Below, we list all currently known Fall Guys Season 2 bugs and glitches regarding challenges:

  • The “Search” Challenge in the “3,2,1, Space!” challenge list is not tracking Cosmic Highway playthroughs.
  • Progress is not counting for the “Run for a total of 2000 seconds” weekly challenge.
  • Explore Reach Round 2 and Reach Round 3 challenges are broken and aren’t working.
  • The playlist “3,2,1 Space!” awards much less XP after a match than regular playlists.

For now, these are the main issues we know in regard to Fall Guys Season 2 challenges that don’t work or don’t track your progress. The bad news is that currently there’s no workaround for these problems. They are bugs that developers need to fix. The good news is that Mediatonic, the Fall Guys developer, is well aware of these issues.

Fall Guys community manager “trichoglossusbee” is actively collecting all reports and sending them to developers. Thus, developers are aware of them. However, we don’t know when they will fix the “Fall Guys Season 2 Event Challenges Not Counting” bugs in Fall Guys Season 2. For now, that’s all we know. We will make sure to update our guide as more information surfaces.


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