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Is this legal? Refugees weren’t even in Florida


When I read that Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two charter planes full of asylum-seeking refugees to Martha’s Vineyard, I thought they were people trying to sneak into Florida. But no! The planes picked them up in Texas — but at Florida taxpayers’ expense.

Where is this in the governor’s job description? The arrogance! It’s our misfortune to have a governor who excels in political stunts. I get that he wants to be president and he’s pandering to MAGA voters.

But he should spend his own campaign money. He also lied to these poor people, telling them they were being sent to where there was work and decent housing. How cruel. DeSantis must go.

Lou Lifson, Boca Raton

Editor’s Note: The tweet above is by state Senator Jason Pizzo, a Democrat recently elected without opposition to represent southern and eastern Broward County in District 37.

Thank you, Governor, for doing the right thing and shipping out some of the illegal aliens dumped here by the Biden administration. It’s high time for sanctuary cities and states to absorb their fair share.

Michael Adler, Miromar Lakes, Fla.

Whenever I am asked on a form of some sort to state my ethnicity, I defiantly answer by writing “American.”

What’s wrong with us that we even care about ethnicity? That is not what we are about, or should be about, anyway. We all come from a family of one description or another, and that is largely what forms us.

I was raised stunningly absent of any comments about race, but came to my own conclusions as I watched the news in the 1960′s and later. It was not hard to see how messed up we were, and unfortunately still are.

What is it with this obsession? Have we not heard of the golden rule? Do we really not get the fact that everyone is fundamentally the same and that we all love, struggle, aspire, and die as humans, infused with the same red blood?

As someone said, it’s not about the ethnicity, it’s about the person. Let’s try some empathy. Let’s love one another as beautiful, generic Americans.

Rick Soskis, Havana, Fla.

Gov. DeSantis’ TV ads show people thanking him for opening up Florida and saving jobs and businesses. What isn’t mentioned is the blood dripping from his hands from the way he handled the pandemic.

I remember driving along A1A in Fort Lauderdale one afternoon during spring break 2021, as the epidemic was starting to peak, and seeing literally thousands of spring breakers he encouraged to come down to an open Florida. None wore masks. There was no social distancing. Those spring breakers then went home all over the country, bringing Covid with them, and it peaked across the country a few weeks later.

So far, at least 80,564 Floridians have died of Covid out of a population of 21.2 million. In contrast, California had at least 96,175 deaths out of a population of 39.3 million — double our population. New York, an epicenter of Covid, had deaths of at least 70,780 out of 19.5 million.

Let’s not forget how Ron DeSantis fought against cruise ships at Florida ports from asking their customers about their vaccination status; his appointment of vaccine denier Dr. Joseph Ladapo as Surgeon General; or how he embarrassed children for wearing masks on TV. Think of all the families and loved ones affected by his gross negligence.

Arthur A. Cohen, Hollywood


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