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NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 2 & 1 Answers


Looking for NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 2 and Episode 1 answers? You’ve come to the right place! The basketball fans, rejoice! NBA 2K23 is finally here, as millions of fans around the world are diving into their new adventures with MyTeam and MyCareer. Alongside the launch of the game, a brand-new season of 2KTV is here as well, continuing with Episode 2 this weekend. Of course, the questions for players have returned as well, allowing you to earn a hefty amount of free NBA 2K23 VC. In this guide, you will find a full list of answers to NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 2 and Episode 1 questions.

All 2KTV Answers NBA 2K23

The new season of 2KTV in 2022 marks the eighth year of the show, with nine seasons in total. The show originally premiered back in 2014 with the launch of NBA 2K15. The 2KTV covers a broad mix of content around 2K games and NBA. This includes news and teasers about the new and upcoming content, as well as interviews with developers and NBA players, The show also spotlights various community members and pro players, and it provides in-depth cover of NBA 2K esports competitions, such as the Road To The Finals tournament. You can watch the show either in-game or on the official NBA 2K YouTube channel.

And, of course, each episode comes with a series of questions which gamers can answer for a chance to earn some free VC. Each correct answer will net you around 100-200 Virtual Currency. For the first two episodes, you can earn 7200 VC in total, which is quite a lucrative prospect, if you ask us. Thus, without further ado, here are all the correct answers for the NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 2 and Episode 1:

2KTV Episode 2 All Answers NBA 2K23

Answers will be added on Saturday, September 17th, early morning Europe time.

2KTV Episode 1 All Answers NBA 2K23

  1. Candace Parker
  2. 2
  3. 1982
  4. 15
  5. Any Answer
  6. Shep Owens
  7. The GOAT Boat
  8. 2015
  9. Celtics
  10. Trey Lyles
  11. Commissioner’s Cup
  12. Semi-Pro
  13. 3
  14. Steph Curry
  15. Any Answer
  16. 5
  17. Contracts
  18. James Harden
  19. Clutch Time
  20. Scottie Pippen

All you need to do is to watch the show in-game and hit all the correct button prompts when a question appears. Make sure not to make a mistake, lest you’ll not have a chance to correct it and you will lose 100-200 VC on that question. With that said, our “NBA 2K23 2KTV Episode 1 Answers” guide is completed.


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