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NBA 2K23 Contact Dunk Requirements, All Attributes & Heights


Knowing contact dunk requirements in NBA 2K23 is essential if you want to establish supremacy on the court. There are not many things that are as satisfying as dunking over a powerless opponent and showing dominance. Contact dunks are the ultimate powerplay in basketball, not only in real-life but in NBA 2K games as well! And they are back in 2K23! In this guide, you will find all NBA 2K23 contact dunk requirements for Small, Pro, Elite, and Bigman dunk types, with all height and attribute numbers.

Attribute and Height Contact Dunks Requirements in NBA 2K23

Dunking has always been one of the most fun things a gamer can perform in NBA 2K games. And with each new iteration of the game, this iconic part of basketball has been becoming increasingly harder to pull off. And, things are no different in NBA 2K23. Mastering the art of dunk is more complex than ever, and you will need to practice a lot. That’s especially the case if you want to consistently activate the Dunk Meter. With that said, let’s check out the dunk requirements. In order to successfully perform various types of dunks, you must meet these Height & Attribute requirements:

  • Small Contact Dunks – Attribute: Driving Dunk 86+ – Height: Below 6’5″
  • Pro Contact Dunks – Attribute: Driving Dunk 84+, Vertical 70+ – Height: None
  • Pro Bigman Contact Dunks – Attribute: Driving Dunk 80+ – Height: Above 6’10”
  • Elite Contact Dunks – Attribute: Driving Dunk 92+, Vertical 80+ – Height: None
  • Elite Bigman Contact Dunks – Attribute: Standing Dunk 90+ – Height: Above 6’10”

As you can maybe notice if you remember the requirements from the last year, they haven’t been changed in NBA 2K23. They are exactly the same as in NBA 2K22. Thus, before making your player, take into consideration these requirements, and what type of dunks would you like to perform with your player. And then create them accordingly. With that said, that’s all you need to know.


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